Director: Steven Dykes
Video Designer: Ruben Plaza Garcia
Head of Video: Ben Gittos
Video Programmer: Jacob Shooter
Content Creator: Callum Mills

Software used: Disguise, After Effects, Premiere Pro.

During this production at Rose Bruford College I oversaw the Video Department as a whole. Working technically and creatively alongside the Director and Technical team. My role was to ensure the Video design was delivered effectively while maintaining the Video Designers vision and design.

During this show, I worked a range of roles including; Projectionist, Content Creator and Designer

Secessionville had a heavy video element which played a key role in helping guide the audience through the narrative of the story but also aid in setting the scenes throughout the play.

The video design was a cylindrical surface around the middle of the theatre which was projected by 4 projectors. I worked alongside The Video Programmer aiding to create a smooth blend across the cylindrical surface.