Director: Martin Duncan

Video Designer: Ruben Plaza Garcia

Video Programmer and Content Creator: Ben Gittos

Lighting DesignerJake Wiltshire
Software used: After Effects, Disguise, ETC EOS

Rose Bruford College working in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music provided the creative video solution to the production Flights

Flights was an Opera and featured a set design with Video integrated on the back of the set. The video was used as a creative element which helped provide a narrative and creative looks to the set throughout the show.

Working as a content creator I created a range of Video looks which had to be loopable and subtle. The content mainly consisted of clouds which adapted to a range of weather conditions throughout the show.

Working as a programmer I was working on a Disguise media server which was working alongside the Lighting department allowing Lighting to trigger cues which were triggered from an ETC ION which was networked in with a Disguise media server. This allowed for ease of use when cueing the show.