Director: Steven Dykes
Video Designer: Ben Gittos
Video Programmer: Jay Mayer
Camera Technician: Liam Daly

Software used: Disguise, Notch, Blender

ATA 2019 featured 4 live camera feeds on stage, generative content and unqiue immersive IMAG effects driven by Notch.

Working as the video designer on this production I designed, built and exported all Notch blocks which were used to drive the content. The majority of the show was entirely built in Notch where only pre recorded content was the only exception. 

Using Notch I was not only able to create creative looks but provide a technical funtion to the live camera feeds where the camera operator was able to have control of; Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, In white and out white of all the cameras live without the need of going through a vision mixer which reduced the amount of hardware used. 

Having 2 of the cameras on stage controlled by actors allowed for the actors to drive the video and where I focused creating looks which complimented the atmosphere on stage.

Production Photos:

Photo credit: Micheal O'Reilly

Examples of Notch Content: